"I don't know the names of the women I've killed, but I've killed many of them."
―Stuart Ackerman

Stuart Ackerman is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a suspect in "The White Shoe Slaying" homicide case.



Ackerman was a former U.S. Marine who fought in the Okinawa campaign, during World War II. Because of his formidable size, Ackerman was picked by the Marine Corps to operate a Flame Thrower during the Pacific campaign. It is likely that while Ackerman was fighting, the tank of his flamethrower was punctured, causing the severe burns across his face and body.

Ackerman returned to Los Angeles, but suffered some degree of post traumatic stress as he went insane and came to hate the U.S. Government for the burden they placed on him fighting as flamethrower detail. Ackerman eventually ended up homeless and on the streets where he made himself leader of a camp of hobos, promoting unity against fascism and spreading his personal anti-American sentiments. Among the locals, Ackerman developed a reputation as the hobo leader, his disfigurement and for assaulting women.

Events of L.A. Noire

During one rainy night, Ackerman observed a drunken Theresa Taraldsen getting off a late bus, and staggering around near the camp, who soon after was murdered by the Black Dahlia killer. Thanks to Catherine Barton's eyewitness testimony, Ackerman became a suspect in the murder of Theresa Taraldsen. Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway later arrived at the camp following a lead. However Ackerman did not welcome warmly the Detectives, calling them "fascists" and a brawl. After being defeated, the detectives discovered physical evidence in Ackerman's lean-to, prompting his arrest. However, the evidence was actually planted by the Black Dahlia killer to frame Ackerman.

During interrogation, Ackerman's insanity became very apparent to Phelps, as Ackerman nonchalantly and without remorse admitted to have already killed many women. With the bloodstained rope and Theresa's purse found in Ackerman's lean-to as evidence, Phelps formally charged Ackerman for Theresa's murder. He faced life imprisonment in a mental hospital for the criminally insane instead of the gas chamber, due to state laws which didn't accept mental patients for execution. However, he was eventually quietly released when the real killer was discovered.

Case Appearances



  • Ackerman is heard in the first part of the Second Official Trailer - his lines were not changed before the games release.
  • He is seemingly a communist or at least anti-American, as Captain Donnelly refers to him as a "filthy red". He also jokingly calls himself "Comrade Stalin" when questioned by Phelps and he refers to the police as "fascists".