The Talbot GS26 is a hidden vehicle available in L.A. Noire.


The Talbot Grand Sport model built for speed as well as luxury, using technology from Talbot's Grand Prix cars. Only 500 were ever produced. If viewed closely, fog lights can be seen behind the grille. However, they don't light up with the regular headlights.

The Talbot's high power-to-weight ratio, quick acceleration, nimble handling, and good (for the era) brakes make it probably the best all-around performance car in the game.


One can be seen parked at Beverly Evestrom's residence.

Another is used by James Tiernan when he is trying to escape from Phelps and Galloway in the case The Studio Secretary Murder.

Once unlocked, it can be found in an Angel City Security garage near the intersection of 6th and Lucas streets.


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