Tar uniform
The Tar Uniform is The Uniform That you wear in The Homicide case The Quarter Moon Murders when you reach the Westlake Tar Pits


The Tar Uniform is Made Up of a green coverall with tar on it, a white dress shirt & a black fedora



  • The Tar Uniform is one of the only 2 outfits that cannot be used out side of missions in the Original and Complete Editions of the game. The other one being the Beat Cop Uniform, which is available in the Remastered Editions of the game; making the Tar Uniform the only outfit that can't be used outside of its case in any version of the game.
  • The Tar Uniform Shares the same fedora with The Hawkshaw Outfit, The Sword Of Justice Outfit & The Chicago Lightning Suit
  • The Tar Uniform Is the only outfit without a tie
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