"Become hard to spot when tailing someone."
―In-game description

The Incognito is an outfit in L.A. Noire.


The outfit makes the player less detectable when tailing suspects.

It is an all-black suit with black shirt and hat, with bright white tie.


The outfit can be unlocked after completing all the Vice Desk cases ("The Set Up", "The Naked City", and "Manifest Destiny") without being spotted while tailing suspects. If you are detected, you must restart the entire case. It may not show as unlocked until you take your first Arson case assignment.

It is exclusive to the Remastered Edition of the game on PS4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Unfortunately, this outfit is only particularly useful when replaying cases, as it's only unlocked after the Vice cases and there aren't any suspect-tailing sections in any of the Arson cases. In fact, you would have already earned the The Shadow and The Moose achievements in the process of unlocking this outfit.


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