The Silver Screen Prop Store is a location in L.A. Noire. During the case The Fallen Idol, Phelps will need to come here to interrogate the store's owner, Marlon Hopgood. Hollywood film producer Mark Bishop, one of the main suspects in the case, is the co-owner of the store.[1]



Phelps is about interrogate the store's owner, Marlon Hopgood

The store is frequented by movie producers as they come to purchase movie props for their productions, such as swords, armours and fake shrunken heads. Marlon Hopgood appears to manufacture a lot of the props himself, apart from maintaining a small sound stage out back. As well as filming movies for Mark Bishop, this is where movie producers take sexual advantage of young Hollywood hopefuls whilst Marlon films it from a hidden camera room.

The store itself features a small lobby where Hopgood sits out front, and a giant storehouse in the back filled with props. Behind the warehouse is an alley with a workbench area, and a studio. The studio has two entrances, one a formal door, the other hidden behind a painting of an alley. Inside the studio is a small waiting area and soundstage with some props next to it. Hidden in the studio is Hopgood's secret screening room, with films and a camera.

Events of L.A. Noire

June Ballard brought Jessica Hamilton to the store with the promise of giving her a screen test. In actuality, Hamilton was slipped choral hydrate and molested by Bishop while Hopgood filmed it. However, Hopgood filmed Bishop's face on Ballard's request, as a way to blackmail Bishop into giving her a role. Phelps and Bekowsky follow a lead to the store after interviewing Gloria Bishop and talking to Jessica about the mermaid she remembered before blacking out, which was on the front facade. The duo interviewed Hopgood, investigating the studio's hidden areas and were about to take Hopgood in when Earle appeared, since Marlon was his vice informant. Later several of Guy McAfee's thugs show up looking for Bishop, but are taken down by Phelps.


  • This location is a very detailed location, with lots of faux movie posters and props to look at in addition to the clues.
  • It is unknown what happened to the store after Hopgood's arrest for taking indecent shots of women on the street in the street crime Camera Obscura.


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