"Suit does not show blood stains and takes no damage from punches."
―In-game description


Untouchable Outfit

The The Untouchable is an outfit in L.A. Noire.


The outfit provides the player with unlimited health during brawls, when being worn. The hat is less likely to be knocked off in a fight, making it easy to earn the Keep a Lid On achievement.

It is an all-white suit with white shirt, tie, and hat with black band.


The outfit can be unlocked after completing the Patrol cases and then dodging 20 thrown punches in a row from a suspect, without being hit. You must keep pressing the "Dodge" button and not simply hold it down.

It is exclusive to the Remastered Edition of the game on PS4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.


  • After completing the Patrol Cases, you can replay the Warrants Outstanding case and unlock the suit by brawling with Wendell Bowers on the roof. After it unlocks, complete the fight by knocking out or killing Bowers for the outfit to be saved into your collection.
  • Under certain lighting conditions the outfit may appear gray instead of white. In some light it may even appear to glow pale green.
  • The Untouchable shares the same fedora with The Murphy outfit.
  • The Untouchables were a small group of federal agents known for being incorruptible.