"You shoulda iced those folks. You leave no witnesses, you stay outta the poke."
―Female Fugitive

"Thicker Than Water" is a Homicide street crime case in L.A. Noire.


Two fugitives that have pulled a heist are having an argument in the parking lot. Their relationship is not going well and the male fugitive had been in prison before. When Phelps arrives and tries to make them turn themselves in, they make a run for it with a green Ford H Boy.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: Any central unit, 459 suspects to be taken into custody at the trolley station on Lucas Avenue. Stand by for further.

Cole Phelps: This is Car 11 King. Go ahead with the further.

Dispatch: 11 King, two 459 suspects sighted in the vicinity of the trolley station on Lucas Avenue, between Court and Colton.


Immediately after the suspects drive off and Phelps chases them. Galloway tries to shoot the fugitives while the female fugitive returns fire. The fugitives go through some alleyways to the construction site at Beverly Boulevard and First Street intersection. They continue along First Street and turn in to a street which they head into the suburbs. (Note that the fugitives might hit a Pacific Electric Railway Streetcar, but that does not slow them down although it will throw the tram flying). They go past and swerve through two gas stations and end up on Lucas Avenue. They head into another alleyway and eventually crash into an International KB5. They are then arrested by Phelps.


  • The male fugitive is from The White Shoe Slaying. If you don't find the laundry tag on Theresa Taraldsen, Cole Phelps will call for missing white females over the past 48 hours. If visiting the one on 1152 West Fourth Street, you will speak to Dan Rogers. This is the person featured in this street crime.
  • This is the only time you will see a green Ford H-Boy, as the one in the vehicle gallery and the ones that spawn in the hidden vehicle garage only appear in red or black.

Video Walkthrough

Thicker Than Water - Street Crime - L.A

Thicker Than Water - Street Crime - L.A. Noire