"See it any other way and you can forget about being a Vice cop."
Roy Earle
Roy Earle

Cole's partner at Vice, Det. Roy Earle

The Administrative Vice, also known as Vice, Ad Vice, or Vice Narcotics Desk is a Department of the Los Angeles Police Department in L.A. Noire. It deals with offenses involving prostitution, narcotics, lewdness, lasciviousness, and obscenity. LAPD Vice detectives plunge themselves down into the "seedy underbelly of L.A.," overturning the most decrepit of stones to expose the city's drugs, druggies, pimps, pushers, prostitutes, bootleggers, bookies, mob lords, thugs and gangsters. Working these cases will defy Phelps' worst and lowest expectations of humanity.

Cole starts to work in this department following a harrowing stint investigating murders on the Homicide desk with Rusty Galloway, to find that things can indeed get even more vicious in Los Angeles. Cole is specially requested by Chief Detective of Vice, Roy Earle, in a promotion from Homicide. Cole works the Vice desk at the Hollywood Police Station. His partner is Roy Earle, the senior Ad Vice detective. In Vice, Phelps has two commanding officers in the department, Captain Lazarus Cafarelli and Lieutenant Archie Colmyer. Vice is said to be the most "glamorous" of all the departments and one of the prime detective assignments, second only to the Homicide Department.

However, the Vice Department also seems to be the most corrupt department of the LAPD. Vice detectives tend to be ruthless, dishonest, and easily swayed by money. They also seem to have the most power, due to Vice's status as the most glamorous department. As such, members get an extraordinary amount of leeway uncommon in the LAPD or the District Attorney's Office. For example, Roy Earle, the Chief Detective, is bribed by Leland Monroe to ensure Dr. Fontaine's illegal use of morphine on his patients is kept secret, and also rats out Cole's secret affair with Elsa Lichtmann in order to draw away attention from a Vice scandal.




  • Vice is the only desk where every case involves killing a suspect.
  • Vice is the shortest desk Phelps partakes in before he's demoted to Arson, with a total of 3 cases, (5 if you count the DLC cases, which would make it the second shortest tied with the Traffic desk).