"Cole Phelps and Jack Kelso: with some people, it's as simple as chemistry. Two guys who should have been friends, but their personalities got in the way. Phelps - a good guy, wound way too tight. And Kelso - a quiet man who could never walk away from a fight."
Herschel Biggs

Warrants Outstanding is a Patrol case in L.A. Noire.


Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn are patrolling in their police vehicle when Dunn notices Wendell Bowers, who jumped his parole after being arrested by the former. Cole jumps out of the car and chases Wendell down, resulting in a fistfight.


When Ralph Dunn turns on the siren, Wendell will start to run. Phelps will get out of the car and pursue. Wendell will go down into an alley as he tries to escape. When Dunn blocks the alley with the squad car, Bowers will climb up a nearby fire escape and the chase continues on the rooftops. After a lengthy chase, Phelps finally catches up, but Wendell is waiting to attack. A fistfight triggers after the cutscene. Phelps should be able to defeat Wendell whereafter he'll be taken to jail. However, if the player chooses to fight close enough to the roof edge or purposely throw Wendell over the edge, he will fall off the building, causing him to die. Malcolm Carruthers then comes and takes his body away. Dunn will praise Phelps regardless of whether Wendell was arrested or killed.

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  • It is impossible to subdue Bowers during the chase.
  • If the player continues to run after Bowers when he hides around the corner on the rooftop, Cole will get clotheslined. If the player decides to walk around the corner, Cole can avoid being hit.
  • A very similar version of this case appeared in L.A. Noire's first ever teaser trailer, with the same chain of events (Phelps exiting a police vehicle to chase the suspect, the suspect runs up to a roof and surprise-attacks Phelps, they engage in a fistfight, ending with the suspect falling off the roof and dying) albeit major differences, such as a different suspect, a different chase route, and a different location.